New Drainage Cleaning Equipment

The new Harr Tech LLC tools will remove most any debris in drainage structures

In 1999 Robert Harr started developing drainage structure cleaning tools. the old tools worked at the time but had limitations and were directed towards use with directional drills. Harr traveled all over the USA and other countries and developed a passion for drainage needs. He completed many studies as well as demonstrating and developing equipment along with process methods to repair the deteriorating drainage structure system. The old tools that were developed back in the early start of the method processes needed some innovations due to limitations of the size of debris that could be removed. Today the new and improved tools can remove larger debris and will fit most ground-engaging or circumstantially warranted equipment.

Fatality due to a plugged culvert,
resulting in a washout of the road

Culvert Failure Studies

Harr conducted studies and has factual proof of the need to clean and maintain the drainage structures. Climate changes, along with not being proactive in drainage maintenance, cost the tax payers and users of the transportation surfaces billions of dollars a year. We all use a transportation surface daily and need to become more proactive rather than reactive. Action is taken after a transportation surface has failed but result in the user delay and repair costs adding up to more than the cost of simple maintenance.


Drainage System is in Critical Need of Maintenance

Harr Technologies, LLC has conducted studies of drainage issues all over the USA and other countries. Robert Harr continues to improve methods and developments because he is passionate about preserving the transportation surfaces that we all use daily. There are many trenchless solutions that are more cost effective than open cutting the surfaces and creating more cost than needed.

Deteriorating structures due to
lack of maintenance.

Better Improved Engineering Designs for Drainage Structures

Harr Technologies, LLC saw the need to improve the engineering and design for trenchless drainage structure designs. Engineering firms and owners of the structures were designing the trenchless replacements to fail. Firms or owners watch presentations or view installations without practical knowledge of how trenchless equipment or methods actually work. Robert Harr has written within provisional patents on how best to engineer and design trenchless drainage replacements.

Culvert Upsizing by swallowing the existing
failing culverti n place is improved by Harr

Large Rock, Cobble or Difficult Soils

Open cutting is no longer necessary for culvert replacements in severe soil conditions. Harr Technologies, LLC, along with Infinity Tool MFG, can build the right tools for the project. An air assisted hammer within the new tools provides the additional cutting that may need to be present to remove debris or assist in pipe ramming projects. We strive to provide trenchless solutions and to cut costs.

Large debris is now not an issue
for removal or trenchless

Forward Articulating Reaming Tools

The older patented tools had size of debris limitations. Harr knew that innovations needed to be made to the tools in order to remove large debris. There were also factors of using a threaded rod such as a drill. The new tools and stem connections overcome the issues that existed before. The first filed provisional patents (US 62/107,463) explain the art of using a coil debris removal system method. This new method uses an internal coil to draw the debris into the holding cylinder and to be removed from the drainage structure.

Using a skidsteer with stem con-
nection to clean a 36" pipe
rammed culvert.

A Stem Connection Allows Reverse Rotations

The older tool methods used a threaded rod connection that would come off when the tools were reversed, such as when there was an issue of becoming stuck or the need to back spin the materials out due to overloading. Today, by using Ground Engaging or Circumstantially Warranted Equipment that has any type of rotational device along with our manufactured stem connections, there is no concern about spinning the rod connection off inside a structure. The Stem connections are pinned or bolted together.

Harr Technologies, LLC and Infinity Tool
MFG, INC. are working to improve tools
and methods to protect the transportation
surfaces we use daily worldwide.

Solutions for Pipe Ramming or Very Large Debris

Harr technologies has tested and proven the new tooling. The coil and stem connections work together and allow the debris to become contained into the cylinder for removal. The cylinder does limit the amount of debris within the housing. The former tools would allow overloading of the limits of the equipment used to remove the debris. There is now a full service solution for debris removal for the pipe ramming contractors. The user of the new tooling and stem connections may not need to buy additional motorized equipment but only an adapter to fit the connections.

Large debris within the tool.

The New Tools

This is the new 14 inch tool that was recently shown at ICUEE 2015 for the very first viewing. The tools range from 6 inches to 72 inches in diameter. There are various cutting systems available or just the smooth facing edge. We will build the tools to suit the user's needs to complete a project. Internal teeth or hammer assemblies are available to reduce or pound through large debris or solid rock. Please allow Harr Technologies, LLC and Infinity Tools MFG to be your solution provider.

New tool Manufactured by
Infinity MFG, Inc.